We want to thank our Sponsors for providing us the critical funding for everything we do.  Without them our mission of helping others  could not be completed.  We hope you take the time to acknowledge that the following organizations go out of their way to impact the community.


The Puyallup Tribe of Indians:  An amazing group of people who have been very generous to Mountain Rescue and other teams.  They are directly responsible for life-saving equipment, search vehicles, gear, and operational funding.


The Ben Cheney Foundation;  A long time supporter of Tacoma Mountain Rescue, the foundation has provided funds for both of our Rescue trucks.


Puget Sound Energy;  These guys do more than deliver gas, their assistance in getting a second truck allows us to deliver people to where we are needed.



Thank you all so much, your contributions go directly back to the community in so many ways. Again, without you we could not do what we do.