Effective: 14 Dec 2018

Here is an updated 2019 information sheet on the base facility at Mount Rainier, it includes the new fee payment information.  Please pass this to the MRA team members but do not post in in a public place because it contains key box information. Print out the Guidelines before you depart home and you will find additional folders and written information in L119.

The facility is now open for individual reservations, but remember that our use is subject to Park Service approval.  When you go on line to reserve, remember to always “add a participant” so the name of the leader appears in the left block of the patrol plan when you finish. Within a few days you should have a ranger assigned as your point of contact.
The third attachment is the information on the Nordic Patrol, everyone is encouraged to interact with them if you are  in the Paradise vicinity this winter.
We can expect access to L119 until the end of March.  By next summer we hope to have a permanent facility in Longmire, L123 is now in renovation. Joe Edmark (WMRA) jrvoodoo@gmail.com will be your main point of contact on L119 if you have questions or concerns.