Register to access the website

To register for the members goto Members > Register and complete the form.  Once approved (which may be done manually or automatically if we have you on record) you will receive an email to confirm your account is ready.  Click the link sent to your email, activate your account then login.

What's in the Members' area? Take a tour

Once registered on the site Members can view member profiles, view events, register attendance on missions & trainings, and view training, operational or unit information.

The website is consistently evolving, so some features mentioned in this video may have changed.

How do I register to say I'm attending a training or went on a mission?

Go to Members > Events, click on the event, scroll to the bottom and click on Register.  Refresh the page and you should see your name.  If you have already registered it will give you an option to “Manage your Registration”, click here if you want to cancel your attendance.

How do I cancel attending an event?

Go to Member > My Account > Events, or goto Member > Events.  Then click on the Event name.  Scroll to the bottom of the page. If you are registered then you will see an option for “Manage my registration”.  Follow that link to cancel.


EDITORS: Adding / Editing TMRU Events

To do this you need to have an Editor User Role.  Contact a site administrator if you need this permission. Email:

EDITORS: Add or edit content pages in the Members Area

Basically there are two kinds of content available on the site;

  1. TMR Google Drive files (which typically are managed by Board & Committee members)
  2. TMR Webpages

To change a Google Drive file, just change it in Google Drive. Contact the Board or Committee member who controls that section.  Any changes in the Google Drive folder or file are immediately reflected here on the website.

To change the contents of a Web Page on the site, need to have an Editor User Role.  Contact a site administrator if you need this permission. Email:

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