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    Chris Hill

    If you’re wondering about the Park, and if the ongoing shutdown could mean more or less work for TMR, here is a summary of what we currently know;

      – Nisqually gate closed Sunday, so no access to Longmire
      – Some special funding sources being made available which may allow reopening Nisqually and restoring access to Longmire area, but likely won’t result in access to Paradise during rest of govt shutdown
      – Even if Longmire accessible, we are NOT allowed to use L-119 during govt S/D for recreational/training purposes. In the case of an actual SAR mission, however, it would be made available.
      – In the event of an actual SAR mission, MORA would lean heavily on MRA support to their limited resources (not surprising)
      – Probability of a SAR mission is low due to limited public access, however, people are still accessing the park in various ways. When Longmire was accessible, people would park there and ski up as far as Paradise. They have also noted ski/snowmobile tracks beyond the White and Carbon River entrances.
      – once the govt officially reopens, it could take up to a week to restore public access to Paradise.
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