Medicine for Mountain Rescue

“Bringing Advanced Life Support Skills to Mountain Rescue”

Advanced Medicine for Mountain Rescue

Our Medical Chair, Dr Ben Constance, is working to have TMRU classified as an ALS program to provide full scope medical care to our patients. We will soon have 4 emergency physicians and paramedics working with TMRU, and another with Olympic Mountain Rescue (Dr. Keith Gates). The goal is to have a network of wilderness trained physicians along the west coast of WA that can also provide mutual aid and improve our advanced medical coverage for all our missions. For more information and to sponsor this groundbreaking program visit

The Mountain Medicine website offers free, open access, wilderness medical education with an emphasis on mountain medicine and rescue. It is not a certification course and does not replace formal medical education or experience. The lectures are based on the Wilderness Medical Society practice guidelines and the Diploma in Mountain Medicine (DiMM) curriculum.